Talent Management

PAYMED offers a comprehensive set of Talent Management Capabilities. We help organizations identify tomorrow’s leaders and offer a smooth internal mobility for all employee groups.


Individual & Collective Assessment

Whether for a Recruitment Process, the Annual Appraisal or a Career Plan, we provide an objective, sharp and reliable assessment thanks to our online Platform Talent Inside®.

We make sure that our tools are streamlined to your specific needs. Thanks to our wide array of Psychometric Tests and our in-situation simulations, PAYMED brings an authoritative expertise whose effectiveness has been proved regionally.

Ergonomics Performance

PAYMED is also conducting Ergonomics Audit.

Our Ergonomic approach can tackle multiple topics/concerns:

  • Ensuring respect of Health regulations
  • Lowering expenses
  • Improving working conditions and achieving the company’s economic goals
  • Putting in place a COVID-compliant Ergonomics Design